Bioconversion of steroids

You were 100% correct. DHEA is amazing. I have been on it for only 9 days and I feel wonderful. I purchased Finest brand and I am starting off at 25 mg. The only side effect that I have felt,is that I am a little over emotional during the middle of my cycle. But honestly, I don’t care I have felt so wonderful for the past 8 days that it is worth a little crying during a Hallmark commercial.
And as far as my sex drive, WOW off the charts, that is why I had to drop it down to 25mg, because at 50gm I couldn’t leave the house or the bedroom for that matter …
I did find that it works best 1st thing in the morning before my workout,(empty stomach) because I had too much energy when i was taking it before bed. Does this sound correct?
My muscles feel tight and strong and the energy level is fantastic……
Keep up the great work.

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Bioconversion of steroids

bioconversion of steroids


bioconversion of steroidsbioconversion of steroidsbioconversion of steroidsbioconversion of steroidsbioconversion of steroids