Blue nose pitbull on steroids

My whole life I have been terrified of dogs- all dogs. However, I have a special needs son, who really needs a companion dog to help him with his social issues and anxiety. We have tried several dogs, and none have worked out. It was heartbreaking to re-home so many dogs. Finally, my nephew brought over a 3 yr old female blue pit. She is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen! She is very smart, too. I started working with her, and she was picking up commands immediately. She blew me off a bit at 1st, but has really accepted me as “Momma, the one in charge” and really is very well-behaved. The more time I spend with her each day, the better she gets. She is just like having another child, just like the article said- she bonded with me, and we are so close, I never would have imagined that she could steal my heart like she has. I have worked with her a lot, while allowing her and my son minimal time together until I got a handle on her, but she is now bonding with him and he is learning what he can and can’t do with her. An ADHD child bouncing off the walls feeds the excitement of a 3 yr old pit for sure, so I had to have her listening to me before I could just turn them loose together. She can jump into the back of the pick-up truck from the side of the bed, clearing it completely. Very athletic and well-built. She is just truly amazing. The article said they are not watch dogs, but I guarantee if someone raises a hand to me or my son- she will eat them…no doubt in my mind. She is very persistent in her wants, and will usually try at something until she figures out how to get it, but that just makes her more like me. I can’t imagine any dog ever being as awesome as our Karmah. Of all the dogs in the world, she is the one that I have no fear of, she is loyal, and obedient, and very loving. I am her Momma and she is my child. We are most blessed to have found her.

We were recently contacted about the dog in the above picture and was told that she has a story behind her.
Her name is Asia Blue and at 8 months old she was confiscated from a dog fighting ring where she was used as a bait dog and was going to be bred… when they found her, her back leg was impaled but the rods from her crate where an intact make tried to pull her through she was left like that for weeks, she now has permanant nerve damage in her back leg still 8 yrs later. Even still after all of this and being misstreated asia blue is loving and has a great home now. This is just 1 of thousands of many stories like this and shows the apbt and bully breed are great animals and people need to keep showing them in a positive way.

Blue nose pitbull on steroids

blue nose pitbull on steroids


blue nose pitbull on steroidsblue nose pitbull on steroidsblue nose pitbull on steroidsblue nose pitbull on steroidsblue nose pitbull on steroids