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This Thailand trip was the trip of a lifetime, together with all our best friends. The planning that was put into this trip is unbelievable. Flights, Busses, Ferries, Hotels. Everything was in place as we arrived after long trips.
From Street parties and PingPong shows in Patong. Riding Scooters, visiting water parks and Lady Boy Cabarets in Koh Samui. Yacht Trips with a never ending clear ocean and the most amazing prepped lunch. Beach parties on Koh Phangan and sleeping in awesome bungalows right on the beach. Then came PhiPhi!! Late, Late nights and not so early mornings. Walking up to beautiful view points overlooking almost the entire island. Walking through the streets one could shop for days, foot massages, Thai massages, head massages – these I miss the most. I bet we all wished this holiday would never end, however it did and I’d book another trip with Hello Islands in a heartbeat!!

I’m in Bangkok and surprised about how many people are having difficulty getting gear. I should start my own business just buying from these guys and selling to you!. If you’re coming here and want to know where you can get the stuff I’ll give you the details. He is very legit and I’ve seen some serious competition bodybuilders who buy from him. Also they sell a brand that is trustable in Thailand. It’s not what I do a for a living but I’d be glad to help as long as I’m not inundated with emails 🙂 I found at least 2 pharamcies that sell testorone which seems very common at pharamcies in certain areas.

Buying steroids thailand forum

buying steroids thailand forum


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