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Fly strike is where flies lay their eggs in the rabbits anal or genital area which in turn hatch into maggots and eat the rabbit alive.  To prevent it, clean the rabbits genital area regularly.  Treat it with a safe insecticidal disinfectant.  Check your rabbits anus and genitals regularly for feces that have become stuck to the fur, as this attracts the flies.  Always try to keep your building clean and free of flies.    Again, the most dangerous animal in the world is the common housefly.  Because of their habit of visiting animal waste, they transmit more disease than any other creature.

Hi Steve,
I’m 22yrs old and am a student. I would squat 242 lbs for 2×2 before stopping my workouts due to my exams. It has been about a month since I have not touched weights and moreover, my sleep was disturbed (Exams). I could manage to get only a 4 hour sleep in the past one month. And my legs have shrunken now 🙁 I want to get back to squatting 242 for 2 reps soon and want my legs to look like mine again. I need some help and directions here.. It’s coz I have taken a big break during which I know that I’ve lost strenght due to a lot of stress. Pls do advice on what weights I should do now and what’s the best way to GET BACK my strenght. Should i start low and go slow or can we speed things up? Waiting for your valuable advice.
my previous stats: squat- 242 lbs for 2×2
bench- 225 lbs for 5reps
deadlift- 365 lbs for 1 rep

Another question that is relevant to this topic is what the optimal level of effort should be on a high-frequency program. I’ve been looking for studies that have systematically investigated this issue, but I’ve been unable to find any. What I’m looking for is a study where one group is performing an exercise at 100% effort (., to failure); a second group at 90% effort; a third group at 80% effort; and so on. So, for example, if your 8 RM weight for the barbell curl is 100 lb, then performing a set of 8 repetitions with a 90 lb barbell would constitute 90% effort. Perhaps you’re aware of such studies. If no studies have systematically investigated this issue, then I think this might be a very interesting study to conduct.

Capped shoulders steroids

capped shoulders steroids


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