Clitoral swelling and steroids

Okay so my sexual partner went down on my exactly one week ago. I have never been able to come from anything other than a vibrator but I felt I was getting close so he was working really hard. It hurt but at the same time felt good so I didn't ask him to stop. I was a bit sore the following 2 days to no surprise but then by the 3rd day I notice my clitoris was very swollen (kind of hard) and tender, not normal. It hurts to walk, sit, go over bumps, close my legs fully, everything! I tried warm baths and air drying the area but didn't really touch the area much because of the tenderness and I didn't want to irritate it further. Finally after day 5 I slowly pulled the clitoral hood back to look and noticed some off white (almost looked like a scab does when wet) and it looked very inflamed and "cut open". I had 2 baths with Epsom salts and tried pouring a bit of the water on the area to flush out bacteria that I thought may be stuck under the skin. But now I have a few lesions on the inside of my inner labia that look almost like a cancre sore and sting to touch. I tried putting some polysporin complete on the clitoral part which did ease the pain quite a bit temporarily but I'm at a loss of what this could be. I have slept with him 7 times and 3/7 he went down on me and I never experienced anything like this afterwards. I was thinking i've developed an infection under the clitoral hood but then these other sores showed up suddenly so now I'm unsure if a bacterial infection could cause that.

Indeed, further research by Jannini and Odile Buisson at the Centre d’échographie in Saint Germain en Laye, France, has demonstrated this. They persuaded three women to either stimulate the front wall of their vaginas using a lubricated tampon, or use their fingers to stimulate the external parts of their clitoris - while using ultrasound to image what was happening beneath the skin. Vaginal penetration caused the internal parts of the clitoris and the tissue around the urethra to move and become engorged, whereas during manual masturbation, only the external parts of the clitoris were stimulated.

Clitoral swelling and steroids

clitoral swelling and steroids


clitoral swelling and steroidsclitoral swelling and steroidsclitoral swelling and steroids