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At Safety First we believe that our expertise, industry knowledge, quick and convenient services and our ability to translate drug and alcohol testing results into understandable outcomes for workplaces, is what demonstrates our commitment to be the Mobile Drug and Alcohol Testing Provider of Choice in Adelaide and Perth Surrounds. Mobile Drug and Alcohol Testing 24/7 at WORKSITES, at HOMES or at any LOCATION convenient to the employer and/or employee. Brendan Sweeney , Owner/Operator of Safety First and his team focus on supporting workplace safety through the suite of services they offer which are available on a 24/7 basis . The Safety First team know the importance of employers being proactive when it comes to the safety of their employees and so their services are readily and conveniently available to conduct drug and alcohol testing for both pre-employment and post-employment purposes. Safety First specialise in testing FIFO workers and employees in the Mining, Oil, Gas, Transport, Marine and Construction industries. Safety First strongly encourage organisations to be proactive employers when it comes to the safety of their workers; this is why they offer not only top quality and convenient mobile drug and alcohol testing services, but they do so at a very affordable price . Based in a boutique office in Adelaide, Safety First is able to keep its overheads low and as a result, compared to some larger drug and alcohol testing providers, is able to pass this cost savings on to their clients. Since the commencement of Work Health and Safety Legislation and Mining Legislation, drug and alcohol testing has become a very important part of an organisation’s health and safety obligations. Safety First specialise in testing FIFO workers and employees in the Mining, Oil, Gas, Transport, Marine and Construction industries. Safety First works across ALL INDUSTRIES supporting workplace safety through Mobile Drug and Alcohol Testing. Safety First can conduct testing anywhere, anytime in Adelaide and Perth surrounds, including providing fly in, fly out drug testing services for remote sites also. The types of testing carried out by Safety First include random drug testing, blanket drug testing or regular ongoing drug and alcohol screening. Urine and saliva drug testing is Safety First’s specialty; urine screening is the most common drug and alcohol testing method. Results from testing can be seen in 5 to 8 minutes after samples have been taken.  The testing carried out onsite by Safety First is able to detect a large range of illicit and prescription drugs including methamphetamine, MDMA (ecstasy), amphetamines, opiates, cocaine, benzodiazepine, and cannabis. Contact Us Adelaide Area – Phone: 0421543952 | Perth Area – Phone – 0477250221 or 0421543952

James has a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Forensic Science from the University of Glamorgan, Wales (now University of South Wales).
James entered the field in 2006 at TrichoTech, prior to its sale to Concateno and subsequently Alere Toxicology. He worked in a variety of laboratory based roles, ranging from the analysis of hair, saliva and urine samples to the reporting of their results.
In 2011, Cansford Laboratories was formed to provide hair and saliva testing to the UK and global markets with their sister laboratory Chromatox, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. James joined Cansford soon after its inception as a Senior Scientist, and was employed as Laboratory Manager. He was involved in all related laboratory procedures, interpretation of results including regulatory and legal implications of analytical results. In addition to his regular responsibilities, he participated in R&D initiatives and has been involved in the development and validation of several propriety techniques used in the laboratory. In September 2012 the laboratory was accredited to ISO 17025 by UKAS. In addition to managing the laboratory, James prepared witness statements for use in family/county court proceedings. As such, he was a key point of contact for technical enquiries received from clients, social services, and court support staff. He was also deputy Quality Manager for the company.
James is now a senior lecturer in Forensic Sciences (Toxicology and Separation Science) at the University of South Wales.
James has attended and presented research findings at various scientific conferences, social work shows and solicitor's group seminars.
James is a member of the Society of Hair Testing (SOHT), The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists (TIAFT), the Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC), London Toxicology Group (LTG), together with being a Board member of the European Workplace Drug Testing Society (EWDTS).

We understand that there is a lot to consider when putting together a drug and Alcohol testing programme for your workplace. Employees rights need to be considered and the right best practice policy needs to be in place. We can help you throughout the whole process from establishing the right drug testing policy for your organisation, ethically conducting the tests and providing you with fully (UKAS) accredited Laboratory Results (Drugs of Abuse Testing International Standard ISO 17025). It is also Important that all Laboratory results are fully Legally defensible incase of the event of a court dispute. For this reason all our tests are carried out using trained collectors who follow a fully traceable chain of custody we can also provide an expert witness and toxicologist report.

We understand that testing your employees is a sensitive matter and we can assist with the entire process from educating employees to your vison of a drug free work place and the policy you have in place to assistance with interpreting and delivering results to your employees.

Drug testing workplace steroids

drug testing workplace steroids


drug testing workplace steroidsdrug testing workplace steroidsdrug testing workplace steroidsdrug testing workplace steroidsdrug testing workplace steroids