East german airliner

Past, Present & Future   Airline Tickets Home  World Africa America s Europe Rest of World Tickets History East Germany is the common name of a former republic of central Europe, bordered on the north by the Baltic Sea, on the east by Poland, on the south by the Czech Republic, and on the south and west by the former West Germany. East Germany had an area of 108,178 sq km (41,768 sq mi). It was established officially as the German Democratic Republic (GDR; German Deutsche Demokratische Republik) on October 7, 1949, as one of two successor states-West Germany (officially the Federal Republic of Germany, or the FRG) being the other-to the nation of Germany after its defeat in World War II (1939-1945). East Germany ceased to exist when it reunified with West Germany on October 3, 1990.

He was unquestionably eager to get at the gunboats trailing after the Montgomery. Onward the Vincennes charged, past the German merchantman (which nonchalantly flashed an "A-OK" signal) until it drew abreast of the Montgomery at 8:38. By now, Oman's coast guard was on the radio, ordering the Revolutionary Guard boats to head home. The Omanis wanted the Vincennes to leave, too. " . Navy warship," an Omani officer intoned over the radio, "maneuvers at speeds up to 30 knots are not in accordance with innocent passage. Please leave Omani waters. "By chance, a navy cameraman named Rudy Pahoyo was aboard the Vincennes that day, shooting videotape on the bridge. His video captures the officers' response to the Omani request. They smirked at each other, and did not bother to reply.

Beats me. I do recall changing a cylinder in BCN but that’s about all. I did my share of ‘expedient’ fixes. One a few weeks before in Stuttgart, DC4, Nbr 3 dropped a valve, punched a neat hole in the piston. I got up a neat piece out just sitting ready to drop into the sump. Didn’t look like any missing material. I changed the cyl, ran it up twice and didn’t get any fine stuff in the screen & cleared the aircraft. Phoned ahead to Munich & Vienna to check sumps & screen. Airplane finished its yo-yo from LON-VIE till it built up time for a NY service. Best, Mac (as I was know in prehistoric times)

East german airliner

east german airliner


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