East german bakelite

There are several semi-automatic variants and cosmetic replicas of the MP 40 available for civilian ownership in the . Beginning in 2014, American Tactical Imports began importing a MP 40 replica manufactured by German Sporting Guns GmbH chambered in .22LR , [22] and since 2016 has also imported a pistol variant chambered in 9mm . [23] The .22LR variant features an all-metal construction with period-accurate Bakelite furniture, a folding stock, and a faux- suppressor to meet barrel length import requirements. The 9mm variant is classified as a pistol and therefore does not ship with a folding stock. Both variants are closed-bolt , blowback -operated semi-automatic firearms that vary substantially from originally manufactured MP 40s in internal operations, making them more of affordable cosmetic replicas than faithful reproductions. Neither of the GSG-manufactured variants are compatible with originally manufactured MP 40 parts and magazines. [ citation needed ]

East german bakelite

east german bakelite


east german bakeliteeast german bakeliteeast german bakeliteeast german bakeliteeast german bakelite