East german coins

They were taken to the small town of Mühlenbeck, a half-hour drive north of Berlin where a Swedish construction firm built several large halls here in 1973 for Kunst & Antiquitäten. The site was chosen due to its proximity to the Autobahn and to West Berlin -- and it served as the site where loot taken from GDR collectors was stored. The facility had 21,000 square meters (226,000 square feet) of floor space. Every day, up to 10 drivers would deliver loads of baroque armoires, tables made of cherry, paintings and other valuable antiques before they were neatly organized and labeled with price tags.

The young Griqua below is the face of early South African numismatics. This classic image has now been put into paint - click the face.
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East german coins

east german coins


east german coinseast german coinseast german coinseast german coinseast german coins