East german jet airliner

This was not the first time a South Korean flight had run into trouble over Russia. In 1978, the Soviets forced a passenger jet down over Murmansk; two passengers were killed during the emergency landing. In its first public statement concerning the September 1983 incident, the Soviet government merely noted that an unidentified aircraft had been shot down flying over Russian territory. The United States government reacted with horror to the disaster. The Department of State suggested that the Soviets knew the plane was an unarmed civilian passenger aircraft. President Ronald Reagan called the incident a “massacre” and issued a statement in which he declared that the Soviets had turned “against the world and the moral precepts which guide human relations among people everywhere.” Five days after the incident, the Soviets admitted that the plane had indeed been a passenger jet, but that Russian pilots had no way of knowing this. A high ranking Soviet military official stated that the KAL flight had been involved in espionage activities. The Reagan administration responded by suspending all Soviet passenger air service to the United States, and dropped several agreements being negotiated with the Soviets.

do you suppose that a 140 ton water balloon could penetrate the massive steel columns that were spaced @ 2′ centers that comprised the WTC? how about a 140 ton blue whale?
again, a real 767 is designed and built to be as lightweight as possible in order to even leave the ground - the first 80′ of it is indeed a lightweight hollow aluminum tube with a plastic nosecone - in what manner would it penetrate the massive steels of a WTC?
again, look at the actual videos (in slow motion no less) that we were shown by the TV media of this event.
TV fakery was easily produced even in ‘01.

In November 1964 deliveries commenced of 52 of the more advanced  MiG-21PF Fishbed D  fighter (retired from service by 1988) and these were followed in 1964/65 by 82 of the improved MiG-21PFM Fishbed F which remained in service until 1990 (locally designated MiG-21SPS as the East Germans had confusingly designated some of their earlier MiG-21PF as MiG-21PFM! Some of these were also used under the training command). In December 1967 the MiG-21PFM which was compatible with the under fuselage GP-9 gun pod entered service (designated MiG-21SPS-K in the LSK) with the last of 54 delivered in May 1968 (the last were retired in 1990). 

East german jet airliner

east german jet airliner


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