East german kampfgruppen

With an effective tactical-operational concept, [17] the German air power theorists needed a strategic doctrine and organisation. Robert Knauss  ( de ) , a serviceman (not pilot) in the Luftstreitkräfte during World War I, and later an experienced pilot with Lufthansa, [18] was a prominent theorist of air power. Knauss promoted the Giulio Douhet theory that air power could win wars alone by destroying enemy industry and breaking enemy morale by "terrorizing the population" of major cities. This advocated attacks on civilians. [19] The General Staff blocked the entry of Douhet's theory into doctrine, fearing revenge strikes against German civilians and cities. [20]

The KdA wore different uniforms from that of the NVA. KdA uniforms were an olive green and were similar in pattern to that of the American Battle Dress Uniform or Soviet Afghanka . The cap has a visor, a circular top crown, a side crown with an outside crown band, and earflaps which fold up and secure over the top. The jacket has a straight cut bottom, with two breast and two shirt pockets plus a pocket on each upper sleeve. The trousers contain four standard type pockets and later versions had an internal cargo pocket on each thigh. The NVA helmet was also worn.

East german kampfgruppen

east german kampfgruppen


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