East german medals

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Due to the Cold War , an East German state ( German Democratic Republic ) was created in October 1949, and a separate National Olympic Committee (NOC) for East Germany was established in 1951. It was not immediately recognized by the IOC, which until 1965 required that athletes of the NOC of East Germany join the German team represented by the West Germany-based NOC of Germany. This team, which competed together from 1956 to 1964, is nowadays called the United Team of Germany ( EUA , "Equipe Unifiée Allemande"), but was Germany ( GER ) then. As a result of the Germany being divided, from 1968 to 1990 two independent teams competed in each of the Games; the original designations were GER for the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) and GDR for the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). In 1980 the West German code was changed to FRG (which is currently also applied by the IOC in retrospect). After the GDR ceased to exist in 1990 and its states joined the Federal Republic of Germany, Germany once again was represented by a single team, designated GER .

The front line of the Cold War.
The black, red and yellow post marks the Inner German Border between West and East Germany. Behind it are the formidable East ... German border fortifications (which were all aimed at stopping Easterners escaping to the West, not stopping a Western invasion).
The two men are members of the elite East German Grenzaufklärungszug or Border Reconnaissance Force. They were tasked with gathering intelligence on Western activities, and were, uniquely, allowed to operate on East German territory west of the fences.
This photograph was taken by members of Cyclops Squadron, 2nd Royal Tank Regiment during a border patrol in 1989.

East german medals

east german medals


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