East german nutcrackers

I go to the grocery and stock up on goulash knorr mixes. I can get it at the German deli but three times the price. I love grocery stores and always bring home things I find hard to get here. Same for kitchen stores. My husband always buys a good kitchen knife. I think candy and goulash mix was the only thing I bought in May. I have bought wood carvings and Christmas decorations. Great German cookie cutters.
Adelaidean, we have one of those. I saved menus from Oktoberfest and framed the covers. Some have very original artwork on them.

According to cultural tradition, Zwickau is seen historically as part of the Ore Mountains, Chemnitz is seen historically as just lying outside them, but Freiberg is included. The supposed limit of the Ore Mountains continues southwest of Dresden towards the Elbe Sandstone Mountains . From this perspective, its main characteristics, ., gently sloping plateaus climbing up to the ridgeline incised by V-shaped valleys , continue to the southern edge of the Dresden Basin . North of the Ore Mountains the landscape gradually transitions into the Saxon Lowland and Saxon Elbeland . Its cultural-geographical transition to Saxon Switzerland in the area of the Müglitz and Gottleuba valleys is not sharply defined.

A nostalgic Christmas market takes place between the Staatsoper and Opernpalais . Craftspeople, confectioners, almond and chestnut roasters, and candle and lantern makers offer their wares in more than 200 wooden booths. There is also a crib with real animals and a wooden horse carousel. The much loved Christmas market on the boulevard Unter den Linden twinkles and shines. The illuminated Palais and the Staatsoper Berlin provide the nostalgic Christmas market with an appropriate backdrop. A coachman also invites you to take a pre-Christmas carriage drive through Berlin’s “old centre”. You can enjoy the historical atmosphere at the market and on a carriage ride against a unique backdrop.

East german nutcrackers

east german nutcrackers


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