East german prison

The former Wehrmacht prison and Soviet special camp Fort Zinna served as an East German penal institution from 1950 to 1990. The purpose of the penal system was to train the prisoner to respect the laws of the socialist state. However, the prisons did serve to protect society against criminals. The first inmates included incoming prisoners from the decommissioned Soviet special camps. They had been convicted by Soviet military tribunals of making statements against Soviet occupation policy, of 'espionage' or because of their behaviour during the National Socialist period.

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A suggested reason why the torture of East Germany's own citizenry was permitted for so long was the Hohenschönhausen exclusion zone. The prison was located in a large restricted area bordered by a large military town. Additionally, it officially did not exist during many of the years it operated, being left off all maps. These two measures combined meant that few people who did not work there know what occurred inside. Because it was not well known, the prison was not stormed by demonstrators after the fall of the Wall. This allegedly allowed prison authorities to destroy much of the evidence of their activities. Today, much of our knowledge comes from former prisoners personal accounts and documentation from other East German institutions. [7]

East german prison

east german prison


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