East german sks for sale

I'll begin by noting that the kit I received appears to be unissued. I purchased a similar kit elsewhere a few years ago, and for that one this was not the case. While the style of the contents may vary, they're all functional, maybe for even more than the sks/ak. My kit from KS came with a carry tin, rubber tube that housed one type of brush (maybe for the piston tube) and a smaller (gas port?) one, bore brush (no signs of use), a paintbrush-type brush of a different construction than the site picture, pin punch, multitool, pull-through cord with a weight that looks to be another type of tool, and an unused oil bottle that has a reversible spout for a nozzle. No rust, dirt or grime to be found. The pull-through cord is still wound up as well, though it did not have a steel ring on the opposite end of the weight. This kit has everything you could need for cleaning and takedown purposes. I'm doubtful that one could beat the price and value of this set. Get them while the "getting is good."

East german sks for sale

east german sks for sale


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