East german surplus

The last Carolingian died without an heir, so the Franks and Saxons elected Conrad, Duke of Franconia (890–918), as their king, who proved incompetent. Next elected was the Saxon Duke Henry I (876–936), the Fowler, a sober, practical soldier, who made peace with a rival king, defeated Magyars and Slavs, and regained Lorraine. He united the Germanic peoples (Franks, Saxons, Swabians, and Bavarians) and for the first time, the term Kingdom (Empire) of the Germans (Regnum Teutonicorum) was applied to a Frankish kingdom, even though teutonicorum meant something closer to "Realm of the Germanic peoples."

Depends on which one article would you like to have translated – the 450 pages Ian refers to is a (! – one wonders what was in previous three…) of the materials from a scientific historical conference held at St Petersburg Museum in 2014, and there are several individual articles, on fortification, uniforms, guns etc. First of all, the 25 MB dowloads forever – it’s now 15 minutes since I started to suck it in, and there’s still at least 25% left to go… When it downloads I’ll have a look and post the contents list. Perhaps one of our Russian posters could make a translation, or we can delineate some kind of a “gang-bang” job (many translators, each translating 4-5 pages) – but it would still take some time. When we’re finished, each translator would send his/her/its part to Ian for integration and posting. I’m not sure though about the copyright: publishing a translated material without some kind of an agreement with the author would infringe his copyright, wouldn’t it?

East german surplus

east german surplus


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