Gyno effects steroids

l cycle prohormones and dont suffer any side effects like l did on roids. no acne and no anger issues plus no jabby jabby for those who dont like needles. halodrol and xtreme mass are my fav have since been stopped this year. Will be taking whatever is next produced when its launched as the next best prohormone. l dont want anyone to think what im doing is safe or smart but to know why l am doing it is to know me but you wont. We all do things in life for a reason and this is mine and l take whatever consequences come of it. Been a lab rat on supplements since age 16 and im now 37 and look the best l have ever done and no lumps bumps man boobs or acne issues which l did get from jack3d pre work out!

This article is terribly written, that includes the terrible advice. #1 women do not need nolvadex for recovery. They do not have testies so the signal nolvadex gives for production does not exist. Women produce test in their adreno glands. Women just need to dose down to come off cycle and help out their andrenos. #2 all steroids will cause enlargement of the clitoris, that included anavar as it is a DHT. It’s dose dependant and varies from person to person.
Some women can handle 12 16 week cycles with no issues. I’ve seen it first hand. Some can’t handle 4. The lab you use makes a difference.
Let’s be clear. Most underground labs are terrible.
of anavar 10mg anabolic.
Female burn victims and HIV patients can get doses of 10mg of true anavar, like Watson pharma, that’s = to 40mg Anabolic dose.
Stop putting out bad info

Gyno effects steroids

gyno effects steroids


gyno effects steroidsgyno effects steroidsgyno effects steroidsgyno effects steroidsgyno effects steroids