Intratympanic steroid injection technique

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  • Citation tools Download this article to citation manager Adrion Christine , Fischer Carolin Simone , Wagner Judith , Gürkov Robert , Mansmann Ulrich , Strupp Michael et al. Efficacy and safety of betahistine treatment in patients with Meniere’s disease: primary results of a long term, multicentre, double blind, randomised, placebo controlled, dose defining trial (BEMED trial) BMJ 2016; 352 :h6816
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    Managing an acute attack involves preparation. This includes consulting with a physician about any appropriate drugs that can be taken when an acute attack occurs, and deciding ahead of time when it is appropriate to go to a hospital. During an attack, it is helpful to lie down in a safe place with a firm surface, and avoid any head movement. Sometimes keeping the eyes open and fixed on a stationary object about 18 inches away is helpful. In order to control dehydration, a doctor should be called if fluid intake is not possible over time due to persistent vomiting.

    Based on this now I'd like to go this way, as 1 time and done.....I'm having some success on the Triamterene and Hydrodhlorothiazide as the Diamox didn't seem to work quite as well for me (both diuretics).  But I don't want to be on these the rest of my life i'm 58.  Seems after several more days of thought the injections of Gentamicin don't necesarily cause additional hearing loss and with the high percentage of success with this procedure given my 70% hearing loss already, seems to be the best/hopefully permanent long term "fix".  

    Intratympanic steroid injection technique

    intratympanic steroid injection technique


    intratympanic steroid injection techniqueintratympanic steroid injection techniqueintratympanic steroid injection techniqueintratympanic steroid injection techniqueintratympanic steroid injection technique