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Here's my freshly poured floor, I added a step to my shop back door with the overage.
This mount system is a bit of an experiment. I've based it on how old logging operations used to set
their engines in a bed of clay. My Foundation Block is sitting in about 6 inches of clay.
I planned it so that once my floor was in, my crankshaft is at a comfortable height.
Prior to the pour, I had placed 1/2 inch plywood around the block, after the concrete cured,
I removed it leaving a 1/2 gap between the floor slab and the block.
Will post an update of how well this isolates the vibrations.

The heart of the system is a pair of Outback FX3048 inverters stacked to give 120/240 volt output. The well pump is the only 240v load normally, but there’s a 240v 1-ton minisplit heat pump that could be powered up if necessary. The battery is minimal since I’m on grid. It’s 230 amp-hours, which is a little over 11 KWH at 48v. At 50% depth of discharge there’s a bit over 5 KWH of useable capacity, enough to furnish the base load for a few hours. To go beyond that, plenty of sunshine is needed or a 48v power source of some kind.

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Listeroid engine forum

listeroid engine forum


listeroid engine forumlisteroid engine forumlisteroid engine forumlisteroid engine forumlisteroid engine forum