Oral turinabol co to jest

Why mention all this? First, this history has created a mystique, whether warranted or not. And second, it has provided us with a great deal of toxicological information. Last, one should be sure that if choosing the drug, the decision is not simply from the mystique. Being the old East German doping drug of choice should be irrelevant to whether an athlete or bodybuilder should choose it today. Instead it should be considered in terms of its positive and negative effects. Among available anabolic steroids, OT offers nothing outstanding here, though it’s certainly usable.

Turinabol, or to use its proper name, Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone, was originally developed in the early 1960’s by an East-German company, Jenapharm. Used extensively by East German athletes it propelled them on the world stage to rival superpowers USA and Russia in the seventies and eighties. In 2005 the company was forced to contribute $ to a fund to compensate former athletes forced to dope, many suffering life changing physiological issues. With the collapse of the eastern bloc, and more modern anti doping methods Turinabol gradually fell out of fashion (despite its relatively short detection window) and officially is no longer manufactured despite being widely available.

Oral turinabol co to jest

oral turinabol co to jest


oral turinabol co to jestoral turinabol co to jestoral turinabol co to jest