Oral turinabol libido

So what significance does all this have to the average reader here? It has quite a bit of relevance because legal, over the counter, androgenic prohormones are actually “custom made” for harnessing the CNS powers of androgens. As was previously mentioned with the enzymes 5 alpha-reductase and aromatase, the enzymes that convert prohormones to active androgens (17 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase and 3alpha(beta) dehydrogenase) are also heavily localized in the many of the same CNS centers. Therefore, administration of these prohormones, while not always substantially raising systemic (blood) levels of active androgens, can cause large increases in androgen activity in the key CNS centers. As a result, these prohormones can be considered “CNS targeted” versions of testosterone. They should be considered valuable products due to the fact that they enable one to achieve many of the psychophysiological and prosexual benefits of testosterone, while avoiding much of the systemic toxicity associated with long term exogenous testosterone usage. Prohormones also give one the ability to achieve powerful immediate effects by limiting usage prior to times of important physical, mental or sexual tasks. The final message therefore, is that prohormones can be used safely, and possess potential benefits for a wide variety of people, regardless of whether muscle building is a priority to them or not.

There is a big controversy on this matter. There are some sources, which tells that turinabol depot is detectable up to 18 months and oral turinabol is detectable up to 12 months in worst-case  scenario. Some other people on the forums tell that 6-8 weeks in more than enough. However, we cannot understand where they all took such huge and unreliable numbers from. Doping tests rarely shows chlordehydromethyl-testosterone indeed and it was widely used in 60es and 70es so there is a good evidence that real detection times are much shorter. Most likely this mistake happened because athletes used some long-living substances like deca long with it. Or, maybe, these sources misrepresent turinabol with the same deca, we have seen some product descriptions, supposedly made for turanabol but after reading we understood they were just copypasted from deca descriptions, stupid, isnt’ it? Also, just as brain-storming: YES, it quickly leaves the body and not detectable in the urine tests, but probably modern blood tests can detect it for longer time, especially when using injectable turinabol.

Oral turinabol libido

oral turinabol libido


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