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The conspirators took over the Tilipuchuri tavern facing the square in preparation for the robbery. A witness, David Sagirashvili, later stated that he had been walking in Yerevan Square when a friend named Bachua Kupriashvili, who later turned out to be one of the robbers, invited him into a tavern and asked him to stay. Once inside the tavern, Sagirashvili realized that armed men were stopping people from leaving. When they received a signal that the bank stagecoach was nearing the square, the armed men quickly left the building with pistols drawn. [11]

On the morning of Tuesday, September 1, Holley, my wife, and Gabriel, my stepson, drove to CNWS with fellow faster Duncan Murphy and another friend in time for the worship service we had planned. Shortly after arrival, standing at the location of the summer-long Nuremberg Actions and near where the fast on the tracks was to begin in about an hour and a half, I remembered seeing my friend Michael Kroll drive up to be part of the morning events. Two photographer friends and a videographer friend were present to record the worship service, press conference, blocking action and anticipated arrests. Gabriel was going to witness his stepdad’s first likely arrest. I greeted Michael Kroll as he arrived at our site after parking his car.

Si blokkade met corticosteroiden

si blokkade met corticosteroiden


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