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When I got back from the trip I noticed she seemed distant. The day I got back she was short in her texts and didn’t want to talk in the phone. She got home at 11pm which was later than she had ever been before (she did have a night class for nursing prerequisites). After 10:30 I started to drive over to the school as I was worried when she never responded. At 11 she called and said everything was fine and she was driving home. I just knew in my gut that’s something was wrong. So I confronted her. And she denied anything. So I drove off for about 10 minutes to cool down. I then went back to our apartment to talk and she said she didn’t think we were right for each other.

Despite the nifty Sony sensor and the “fast” aperture, this camera isn’t going to win any tech awards for the best ever. But it proved to be perfectly serviceable, focusing fast and reliably and taking respectable photos, even in moderately low light conditions. To be picky, the colours in the browns and greens seemed slightly less accurate than when compared to my usual Samsung Galaxy S7 (generally regarded the best around at the moment), and in the background they could lack contrast. That was probably a matter of picture processing as much as the sensor. The phone steered largely away from excessive sharpening, allowing a more naturalistic look than with some phone cameras.

My starting weight was 185lbs. I currently weigh 170lbs. I did my first workout on December 24th, 2014. I have a history of struggling with obesity (260lbs at my heaviest five years ago), as well as poor eating habits (sugar addiction/binging). Although I achieved and maintained a skinny-fat physique for the last five years (through long walks and starvation), I always dreamed how awesome it would be to have a great body (with good eating habits). Then I ran into Mike's YouTube channel and started watching: the sincerity and simplicity of his commentary on fitness sold me, alongside the fact he obviously walks his own talk. He seems like a down to earth guy and very relatable. Your program has been nothing but pure awesome for my life, and as Mike said in his introductory video, the best part is becoming walking proof.

Six pack shortcuts guy on steroids

six pack shortcuts guy on steroids


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