Standardized to 20 steroidal saponins

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So how does one plan for good instruction?  For many teachers, instruction has come to mean addressing as many standards as possible.  But, state exams do not test every benchmark annually.  To assist teachers with providing good instruction leading to improved student outcomes, O'Shea (2005) suggested that teachers have copies of standards and frameworks for each subject they teach, and use them along with related state documents to plan lessons in regularly scheduled grade-level or subject matter team meetings.   Instruction should not include  "unchallenging student desk work, including word searches, sentence completion exercises, puzzles, and other forms of response sheets not linked to standards" (p. 13).  In addition to identifying a topic and rationale, a truly standards based lesson would include:

Standardized to 20 steroidal saponins

standardized to 20 steroidal saponins


standardized to 20 steroidal saponinsstandardized to 20 steroidal saponinsstandardized to 20 steroidal saponinsstandardized to 20 steroidal saponinsstandardized to 20 steroidal saponins