Sterile abscess from steroid injection

Your doctor would drain the abscess by opening it. Depending on the area of abscess and its size you will be given local anesthesia before the procedure. For draining large sized abscesses you will be given mild sedative. The doctor will initially clean the abscess area with sterile water and make a small incision to cut open the abscess and gently drain the pus inside. You would be asked to leave the area open for a day or two to facilitate complete healing. A bandage would be applied on the infected area and suitable antibiotics are given.

Treatment Surgery:  Minor surgery is typically indicated in the management of feline abscesses. The goal is to establish and maintain drainage, remove the nidus of infection, and to remove any foreign material if present. One must first consider the health status of the patient, the site of the abscess, and the temperament of the pet in developing the surgical plan. The hair coat surrounding the lesion should be clipped widely and the entire cat should be evaluated for puncture sites and other wounds. The surgical sites should be prepared for aseptic surgery and sterile drapes and sterilized instruments should be used. Once the site is aseptically prepared, the surgeon makes a stab incision into a dependent soft or fluctuant aspect of the abscess. The abscess is evacuated and copiously flushed using sterile saline. Debridement may be required depending on the integrity of the tissue. Extension of the stab incision may be needed to permit continued drainage. Larger abscesses may require more extensive surgery or placement of a drain to facilitate repetitive flushing procedures and/or drainage.  Basic nursing care should be instituted following surgery. Bandaging, placement of an Elizabethan collar, and use of warm compresses ensure a favorable surgical outcome. The pet should be restricted from outdoor activity during recovery. If the abscess was determined to be from a cat fight, then permanent restriction from going outside decreases the risk of another occurrence.

Sterile abscess from steroid injection

sterile abscess from steroid injection


sterile abscess from steroid injectionsterile abscess from steroid injectionsterile abscess from steroid injectionsterile abscess from steroid injectionsterile abscess from steroid injection