Swole nerd steroids

Comics and manga can take up a ton of space, and let’s face it, they just scream “nerd alert!” This is especially true when you have a whole wall dedicated to them. Again, if that’s the aesthetic you want, there’s no need to change! Me? I don’t like to wear my hobbies on my sleeve and I didn’t want to get pigeonholed as a “comics guy” or a “manga guy” by every person that walked in my door. That might sound insecure, but I wanted people to ask me what I’m into, not make a snap judgement from a single glance. So, I went digital with everything.

I did stop once I found out u could put them together and just add them all in one so in future I'll do that but idk if u seen iv actually stopped posting any pictures at all....even though I've been here for some time I'm still learning how to do certain things like pale said about the forums I don't wanna say something n get into an argument and honestly I'm still learning I read alot of ur guys forums and post but try not to comment on to many things.... But honestly rusty I'd like for u or pale and the older more experienced members to pm me and help me I'm more then happy to be more involved without guidence I'm lost alil

Swole nerd steroids

swole nerd steroids


swole nerd steroidsswole nerd steroidsswole nerd steroidsswole nerd steroidsswole nerd steroids