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Yam is an important dietary element for Nigerian and West African people. It contributes more than 200 calories per person per day for more than 150 million people in West Africa, and is an important source of income. Yam is an attractive crop in poor farms with limited resources. It is rich in starch, and can be prepared in many ways. It is available all year round, unlike other, unreliable, seasonal crops. These characteristics make yam a preferred food and a culturally important food security crop in some sub-Saharan African countries. [24]

Step number three. Your liver produces bile, which due to our bad eating habits, can get sticky and clog your liver making it work sluggishly. A good bile flow is necessary for the emptying of food mixed with stomach acids into the small intestine. If you don’t produce enough bile, your stomach won’t empty it’s content into the small intestine because it wouldn’t be able to withstand the acid in it. So bile actually neutralizes the acid so the small intestine can accept the food. If the small intestine doesn’t receive the stomach content, the food is forced back out to the mouth, that’s why you get the chest pain which is actually caused by the acid moving back up through your esophagus (Acid Re-flux).

Taro new zealand steroid

taro new zealand steroid