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You all are Amazing fantastic thank you THANK YOU everyone for the unconditionally effort and willingness to give up up your time with ur Famliies to help search for the missing minor Well Done !!! It is just a fantastic feeling to the ❤ ti have such committed team members and a special thanks to K9 Martin Bamm and his dog. Elmarie Pretorius
Each and everyone ur effort the minute I receive the found we will do a thank you on Hope website and facebook. Please add ... it on ur FB as well. With me been ill and just I can press that button and everyone are on board Cornelia you can be proud you have a amazing team and family. Lourens for heads up of the search team well done. You and Cornelia are always there when eva I need help and assistance I know Now for sure I my business in the capable hands of trusted people. And to know that I can call anytime on our K9 unit they are always will to help no questions asked.

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Tbol za

tbol za


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