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Depends what you mean by "big company".  There are only a handful of the traditional mass-market companies left, and some of them have had quiet decades in the last 2 or 3, others don't have a particularly strong WW2 range.  So under natural rotation, it'd be a while before another P-40 appeared from one of them anyway.  If you look at companies producing a large number of subjects then Special Hobby comes in under that category, and there have been other P-40s from less active sources.  However, that doesn't stop anyone active enough to post on this board keeping up with releases.  If you want a generic P-40, they've been around.  If you want a particular variant, then you may be out of luck, but you will anyway even from BIG companies..

I have gotten many of the free apps from Amazon, but have few of them installed. I wish I could remove the ones I don't care about from my list! At any rate, I had an epiphany after reading this thread. One of my other major annoyances is that the notification bar almost always said I have new apps to install and/or updates. During this most recent burnout of battery, I went into the App Store app and disabled ALL notifications. The CPU usage abruptly stopped and my phone went back to normal. I wonder if the app store is waking up and comparing the list of apps you have with the list you own (since my list is rather extensive, even though I only have a handful on my phone), and this process is what's burning up the CPU and thus the battery. I'll keep an eye on it and see if that actually fixed it permanently!

Tbolt usa facebook

tbolt usa facebook


tbolt usa facebooktbolt usa facebooktbolt usa facebooktbolt usa facebooktbolt usa facebook