Turboliner truck

You will start by cleaning all the loose dirt, rocks, trash and other things that are present in the truck bed. Once that is done thoroughly spray and wash the inside of the bed with a low pressure washer or by hand; since you are going to put a coating over the metal you can use a scrubbing pad on any areas where there is stubborn dirt. Do not use any type of detergent because it may leave a film that your coating will have a hard time sticking to. You may also use a little TSP substitute to get off the mold, mildew and other substances that may be present in the bed of the truck; make sure you rinse thoroughly if you decide to use this. Many manufacturers make a Lecithin mold release aerosol especially for this purpose too.

Turbo Liners superiority lies in its base material, POLYUREA. Unlike the polyurethanes that are used by our competitors, Turbo Liner only takes about 1 hour to install and is ready for regular use in just 6 hours. Some competitors products take from 2 to 8 hours to install and may take 2 days or more to be ready for actual use. Turbo Liner will withstand higher sustained temperatures (up to 350 F) than leading polyurethane products, which start to break down at 120 F. Turbo Liner does not react to water and/or moisture. Some polyurethane products can emit hazardous vapors when they come in contact with water and or moisture.

STK does not only deliver turbochargers. We offer an extensive performance package tailored to your needs. As our customer you can expect more than just innovative and high quality products. That is why our performance package includes support in finding the right turbocharger as well as troubleshooting problem solutions all around the turbocharger. We are continuously improving our customer service in order to satisfy the customer’s needs quickly and comprehensively. You can therefore rely on a strong, worldwide marketing and service network, which offers far more than just turbocharger know how.

Turboliner truck

turboliner truck


turboliner truckturboliner truckturboliner truckturboliner truckturboliner truck