Two a day workouts on steroids

2. Don't miss the post-exercise window: In the 30 minutes after an intense cardio session - be it a cycle class,  intense swim or boot camp - your body really is a machine quenched for fuel. Your metabolism is still smoking, and this is the window when you want to re-fuel. Go for a mix of carbs plus protein - ideally in easily digestible liquid form like a smoothie or protein shake that will absorb quickly. The carbs restore your glycogen levels, and the protein helps rebuild your muscles and speed up your recovery. I like the EAS Myoplex, which tastes great and is a low fat 170 calories with a great blend of carbs (23 grams) and protein (25 grams).

It’s also important to consider why you want to exercise twice a day – is it a logical way to reach your weight-loss goal or are you simply addicted to working out? According to research from the University of Southern California, exercise addiction affects three per cent of us, and it increases the risk of injury or illness. Clocking up extra workout hours doesn’t signal a problem, but if it’s accompanied by withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety or irritability, you should consider cutting back rather than doing more. ‘Rest between double-workout days is crucial,’ adds Hayley, ‘Exercise twice a day every day and you’ll fatigue pretty quickly, not to mention increase your risk of burn-out.’  The right amount of recovery – not only between exercise days, but also between exercise sessions – is key. ‘You need to leave a minimum of four to six hours between sessions to recover fully,’ warns Jéan, ‘and the dedicated approach to your health needs to apply to all aspects of your weight-loss journey, which includes staying on top of your nutritional needs and getting adequate amounts of sleep.’ So the harder you work out, the longer you’ll need to recover. Capiche?

For example: let's say you managed 8 pushups. Looking at the second column, Day 1 begins with Set 1 (6 pushups), a rest period of 60 seconds, before moving on to Set 2 (6 pushups). Rest for 60 seconds and continue with Set 3 (4 pushups) and Set 4 (4 pushups), before finishing with Set 5 and as many consecutive pushups as you can comfortably manage (at least 5, but not so many that you damage muscle tissue). The 60 seconds rest between each level should allow you to complete the workout, but I promise it will get tough towards the end.

Two a day workouts on steroids

two a day workouts on steroids


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