What does tbol feel like

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Yes and no. I have around 30 tumors that started in bones. I still haven't figured it out yet. For example for several weeks I would have a really bad sharp pain on my left rib the size of a quarter . It would come and go and really hurt. But the regular scheduled pet showed all those tumors were shrinking. Another I was just walking fine and all the sudden at the snap of your fingers I suddenly have massive pain about the size of a dime in my left lower leg. I could hardly make it back home. This continued off and on for weeks. Finally got radiation it was a tiny tumor he called it. The marks they had on my leg from their ct scan was the exact spot of pain. In the beginning I would have the worst back pains you can imagine. For about 2 months they would come and go but never really leave. I think now that was the bone tumors happening although the docs were misdiagnosing as muscle pains.

What does tbol feel like

what does tbol feel like


what does tbol feel likewhat does tbol feel like